Heather Spence, Marine Biologist
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Heather Spence, Marine Biologist

Update from Cancun

Hurricane Ida’s outer bands brought intermittent deluges and gusty winds on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday, when the hurricane actually passed, it was less dramatic.

Pictures taken of Bahia de Mujeres, Cancun:

Seagulls before Hurricane Ida

Seagulls face the wind

Rains during Hurricane Ida

Huge raindrops

Hurricane Ida

Grey water

Frigate birds gathered

Frigate birds gathered - why?

After the wind and rain subsided ….

Rainbow on the water

Double rainbow after Hur. Ida

Double rainbow

Many interesting things had washed up on the beach. If you have any information about the following or others, please let me know!

Octopus, washed up on the beach





Animals came out of hiding:

Ant Hills the size of a fist

Ant Hills each one the size of my fist

Iguana, about 3 ft long

Iguana, about 2 ft long

Today, a fairly steady wind began to blow from the North, which is unusual for Cancun.

Water looks green

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