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Heather Spence, Marine Biologist

Diana Reiss “Dolphin In The Mirror” book tour

Diana Reiss, my adviser, is going on book tour. Here is the information I have so far for related events –

September 19 – Redmond, WA and Seattle, WA

September 20 – Los Angeles, CA
September 21 – Menlo Park, CA and San Francisco, CA
September 24 – Sonoma County, CA

September 27 – New York, NY (Hunter College) [by invite, if interested let me know]

October 22 – St. Petersburg, FL St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading

You can also get more information at the listing on Amazon

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One Response to “Diana Reiss “Dolphin In The Mirror” book tour”

  1. comment number 1 by: KIM TAYLOR

    I purchased Diana Reiss’ new book in print and on my nook color. I would LOVE to attend the book signing at Hunter college!