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Heather Spence, Marine Biologist

World Listening Day 2022: TUNE IN free soundwalk materials

The theme I developed for World Listening Day 2022 is “Listening Across Boundaries.” Choose your own adventure with this free audio file or free script to lead your own event to connect with your soundscape and listen across boundaries. Here is an open link to a google drive folder that contains

  • the full guided audio as .wav or .mp3
  • a script to lead your own event as google doc or pdf
  • a coral reef sound clip as an optional inclusion to play during your script reading

This soundwalk style experience can be completed while walking, or staying still, indoors or outdoors, alone or with a group. If you use the audio file, find a location where you can listen without headphones.

If you use these materials, let me know how it goes!

World Listening Day is celebrated every year on July 18th. Check out the World Listening Project website to learn more and to register your events, or sign up to participate in events.

Here is the theme description I developed, I hope you will make it your own and find even more ways to Listen Across Boundaries:

The theme for World Listening Day 2022 “Listening Across Boundaries” invites us to explore the role of listening across branches of knowledge including scientific, medical, and musical purposes; how natural soundscapes do not recognize human-drawn boundaries of protected areas or countries; listening across cultures; the remarkableness and challenges of listening virtually; and seeming limitations or barriers to listening that can be overcome.

Some sound transmission channels are expanding across geographical and technological boundaries – especially in the virtual realm – and we need to adapt to best seek opportunities. Some listening spaces are seemingly limited by pandemic precautions, yet have untapped potential. Other areas and ways of listening are unexplored, waiting to be discovered, hiding insights at intersections of boundaries and unheard perspectives. As more of the world becomes interconnected and online, it is important to be inclusive of all peoples of the world who have not had as much voice at the table. Climate change shifts ecological and biome boundaries, forcing migrations of flora, fauna, and people. It is imperative to document and listen to existing and changing soundscapes.

As we listen across boundaries, in ways previously unimaginable, we gain respect and insights, and connect.


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