Heather Spence, Marine Biologist
Orchestrating Coastal Marine Ecology Investigation and Outreach

Heather Spence, Marine Biologist


Donations to support these marine conservation research and outreach projects can be made through Michelle’s Earth Foundation.

Please specify that the donation is for the Marine and Bioacoustics programs, and send your contributions to:

Michelle’s Earth Foundation (please make all checks payable to Michelle’s Earth Foundation)
801 South 25th Street,
Arlington, VA 22202

Donations made to MEF are tax-deductible because MEF is a corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes Under IRS status 501(c)(3). Please contact your tax advisor for advice regarding your specific situation.

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—–>*Want to make a different kind of donation?* Please contact me if you think you might be able to provide or assist with any of the following:

~External hard drives
~Scuba equipment
~Underwater speakers
~Hydrophones (underwater microphones)
~Underwater cameras/video cameras

~Printing (e.g. activity books, posters)
~Translation (esp. Spanish, Maya)
~Videography (esp. underwater)
~Transportation (e.g. frequent flyer miles, local/research or long distance boat trips, ground in Cancun or DC area)
~Communication (e.g. international phone cards or discounted rates for Mexico/US)
~Research (e.g. literature searches, citizen science)
~Publicity and marketing (e.g. press releases, publications, event publicity)
~Event planning (e.g. concerts, conferences)
~Web (e.g. updating Spanish website)

~Accommodations for researchers/artists in Cancun or DC areas
~Benefit events for MEF – Marine and Bioacoustics Programs or a particular project
~Reference books and materials on native wildlife of the Yucatan

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