Heather Spence, Marine Biologist
Orchestrating Coastal Marine Ecology Investigation and Outreach

Heather Spence, Marine Biologist

Cancun Research

Cancun is a world renowned tourist destination, located on the MesoAmerican reef system – second largest coral reef in the world. The sustainability of Cancun and the reefs are in danger, and research and monitoring are urgently needed to inform and support conservation and management efforts.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring is needed for documenting and tracking trends in biodiversity and use of the protected areas, to inform management

Spiny Lobster Research is important for understanding the fishery and ecosystem role, as well as their acoustics

Identification of native species and protection against invasive species are fundamental for all education and conservation efforts

In order to coordinate these and other efforts, I am creating a SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH CENTER to draw together scientific and cultural projects, promoting Cancun as a natural wonder and model of sustainability for the world. The Center will bring together people internationally to explore solutions for maintaining the viability of coastal ecosystems, and develop sustainable residential and tourism strategies for the future.

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Photo credit: Nick Giacobbe

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